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Colloidal silver gel 15ppm 500ml


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Colloidal Silver Gel 15ppm 500ml is available on special order only. It stays on the skin for a much longer time than Colloidal Silver liquid and is therefore much more effective.

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    Colloidal silver gel stays on the skin for a much longer time than colloidal silver liquid and is therefore much more effective. It is transparent, completely odourless and does not stain. It is easily absorbed by the skin and after it dries, it leaves a protective coating and helps keep out infections.

    Colloidal silver gel is excellent to treat acne, eczema and skin rash, cuts and abrasions, warts, mycosis, burns, insect bites, athlete's foot, sun spots, sunburn, cold sores, chapped lips, boils, leg ulcers, grazes, chilblains, dermatitis, arthritis, yeast infections, just to name a few... It's also good for pets too, if your animal licks this gel off, it is completely harmless and safe for your beloved animals and would do it good due to its antibacterial properties.

    Our colloidal silver is prepared with ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine) in a holistic environment, using “Timed Inverted Current Electrolysis” and distilled water, which has been imprinted with holistic music to enhance its properties.
    No other chemicals are added.

    The amber glass bottle protects it from UV rays. Silver is commonly used in the medical industry to ensure sterilisation of equipment, as well has having been used throughout history to preserve freshness.

    Pharmaceutical grade distilled water (0ppm)
    Ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine)
    Vegan gelling agent (Gluten free)

    Natural antibiotic and disinfectant.
    Easy to apply gel.
    Helps fight disease and infections.
    Safe for topical use.

    Shake well before each use.
    Better if used within 90 days of date of purchase.
    Can be refrigerated.

    Concentration 15ppm
    Volume 500ml
    Bottle Type Cap
    Format Gel
    Weight 820g
    Height 19cm
    Width 8cm
    Depth 8cm

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Review By Maggy Thuot, 0 1 2 3 4
Maggy Thuot
Extremely satisfied, great quality product
Jan 27, 2018
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Review By Alice, 0 1 2 3 4
Excellent products and service
Nov 2, 2017
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Review By Daniel, 0 1 2 3 4
I wear disposable contact lenses that are supposedly good for 14 days @ 12h/day or 7 days @ 24h/days ...
Mar 28, 2017


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