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Mirax Supplements


Quality Colloidal Silver

Liquid Format

for your topical & oral use

Gel Format

for easy application on the skin

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Colloidal Silver 10ppm

Recommended for :

- Daily use
- Immune maintenance
- Infection prevention

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Colloidal Silver 15ppm

Recommended for :

- Daily use
- Rigorous infections
- Infection prevention

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Most Popular

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Colloidal Silver Gel

Recommended for :

- Cuts, burns, mycoses
- Acne, warts, eczema
- Insect bites, pimples ...

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Colloidal Silver by Mirax Supplements


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Colloidal Silver by Mirax Supplements

Colloidal silver, your immune system's best friend...

Mirax Supplements is an entirely Canadian owned business in eastern Canada. We manufacture and distribute a premium based range of Colloidal Silver products for practitioners as well as over the counter sales in health food shops and on this website.

We are producing quality colloidal silver by utilising an especially design “Timed Inverted Current Electrolysis” machine, where both the voltage along with current are precisely regulated. It is prepared with ultra-pure 99.99% silver (.9999 fine) and pharmaceutical grade distilled water that is preheated and precisely maintained at a preset temperature prior and during the entire electrolysis process. This method has shown to be more capable in producing the smallest particle of silver while producing a very consistent finish product. Our two stages pressure filtration process insures that the largest silver particles are below 0.02 micron resulting in a solution that is completely clear in color.

Our water properties are also enhanced throughout the full process by being imprinted with Solfeggio 432Hz holistic healing music utilising two small speakers located inside the cover of the electrolyser.

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Review By Maggy Thuot, 0 1 2 3 4
Maggy Thuot
Extremely satisfied, great quality product
Jan 27, 2018
Verified Purchase
Review By Alice, 0 1 2 3 4
Excellent products and service
Nov 2, 2017
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Review By Daniel, 0 1 2 3 4
I wear disposable contact lenses that are supposedly good for 14 days @ 12h/day or 7 days @ 24h/days ...
Mar 28, 2017


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